Roanhorse, Rebecca

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(1971-    ) US author whose Native American/African American background figures articulately in her work; she began to publish stories of genre interest with "Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience™" (August 2017 Apex Magazine), which won a Nebula and a Hugo as best short story. Her first novel, Trail of Lightning (2018), which initiates the Sixth World series, is a thrustingly Equipoisal tale set in a Near Future America much of which has been drowned in a great Disaster directly caused by Climate Change; what was once a Navajo reservation has been reborn as the autonomous nation of Dinétah, which is haunted by Monsters. The protagonist of the tale, a monster hunter, engages in chases and encounters narrated in a gonzo voice. Beyond Dinétah may be a Ruined Earth. Roanhorse herself is an advocate of the concept of Indigenous Futurism, which articulates a powerful desire to detoxify of Imperialist presumptions the story of America (see also Race in SF). She received the John W Campbell Award for best new writer in 2018. [JC]

Rebecca Roanhorse

born Conway, Arizona: 14 March 1971




Sixth World

  • Trail of Lightning (New York: Simon and Schuster/Saga, 2018) [Sixth World: pb/Tommy Arnold]


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