Robinson, Jeanne

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(1948-2010) US-born dancer, choreography and author, in Canada from 1975 or earlier, marrying Spider Robinson in 1975; the Stardance trilogy, where dance (see Arts) is presented as a likely form of human-Alien Communication, was written with her husband (whom see for details). [JC]

Jeanne Robinson

born Boston, Massachusetts: 30 March 1948

died Bowen Island, British Columbia: 30 May 2010




  • Stardance (New York: The Dial Press/James Wade, 1979) with Spider Robinson [fixup: first appeared as "Stardance" (March 1977 Analog) and "Stardance II" (September-November 1978 Analog): Stardance: hb/Larry Kresek]
    • Stardance (New York: Science Fiction Book Club, 1997) with Spider Robinson [novella: cut version of the above: containing original novella only: first appeared as "Stardance" (March 1977 Analog): hb/Bob Eggleton]
  • Starseed (New York: Ace Books, 1991) with Spider Robinson [first appeared 1 June-29 November Pulphouse: Stardance: hb/Michael Herring]
  • Starmind (New York: Ace Books, 1995) with Spider Robinson [first appeared August-November 1994 Analog: Stardance: hb/Michael Herring]


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