Adams, Harriet Stratemeyer

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(1892-1982) US author and, after the death of her father Edward T Stratemeyer in 1930, editor of his publishing syndicate. Under a variety of house names, including Carolyn Keene, Franklin W Dixon and Laura Lee Hope, she was herself responsible for writing approximately 170 of the Stratemeyer Syndicate novels about the Bobbsey Twins, the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and others; for further titles, she supplied plots and outlines. Under the House Name Victor Appleton she wrote the last in the first series of Tom Swift books, Tom Swift and his Planet Stone (1935), and successfully revived Tom Swift, or, to be more accurate, his son Tom Swift, Jr., in a new series which began publication in 1954 (see Tom Swift for details). [JC]

Harriet Stratemeyer Adams

born Newark, New Jersey: 11 December 1892

died Pottersville, New Jersey: 27 March 1982


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