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Canadian Online Magazine, downloadable in most formats, published quarterly from Winter (October) 2010; co-founded and edited by D F McCourt with Editorial Director Helen Michaud, Toronto. AE – the title is taken from the initials of the Canadian-born writer A E van Vogt – pays professional rates and places an emphasis on publishing work by or about Canadian writers and artists. There has been a wide spread of contributors, including Laura Lee McArdle, Matt Moore, Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Rick Norwood, but no firm stable of authors has yet emerged. The magazine places almost as much emphasis on its nonfiction, hence the title "Review". There are extensive book reviews and analysis, plus interviews with writers including Eric Choi, Derwin Mak and Peter Watts, but the scope of the magazine remains parochial. Quarterly issues are slim and AE has yet to establish itself. [MA]


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