Allen, L David

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(1940-    ) US academic, formerly Instructor in English at the University of Nebraska, and author of various Critical and Historical Works About SF. His first book – written as a Cliffs Notes overview for classroom use – was the useful Science Fiction: An Introduction (1973; vt Science Fiction Reader's Guide 1974). Further nonfiction publications are Herbert's Dune and Other Works (1975), The Ballantine Teachers' Guide to Science Fiction (1975) and Asimov's Foundation Trilogy (1977). He contributed to both editions of E F Bleiler's Science Fiction Writers: Critical Studies of the Major Authors from the Early Nineteenth Century to the Present Day (anth 1982; rev 1998 with Richard Bleiler). [DRL]

see also: Brazil; SF in the Classroom.

Louis David Allen

born Bemidji, Minnesota: 24 January 1940




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