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(?   -    ) Australian journalist and author whose first novel, the nonfantastic Figurehead (2009), is a political thriller whose narrative develops the implications of the Pol Pot massacres in Cambodia from 1975. He is of sf interest for his second novel, Rise & Shine (2020), set in an abstract, desiccated Near Future world where, after catastrophic Ecological collapse (see Climate Change), only a rump of humanity remains alive, housed in the two city-states known and Rise and Shine. The survival of any individual human is dependent on their empathetic response to constant retroactive Media Landscape coverage of the Disaster, a survival not quite understandable in any mundane sense (see Equipoise). But however understood, the stasis is fragile, and after some years it is clear the planet itself must be refructified or the much delayed End of the World will clamp final jaws on all remaining relics of the dying civilization. [JC]

Patrick Allington




  • Figurehead (Melbourne, Victoria: Black Inc, 2009) [pb/Thomas Deverall]
  • Rise & Shine (Brunswick, Victoria: Scribe Publications, 2020) [pb/]


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