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(?   -    ) US author of Young Adult titles, who also writes as by Tara McCarthy, most of her work, beginning with The Pursuit of Happiness (2006), being nonfantastic romances. Leaving (2016) contains hints of Horror in SF. The Possible (2017), in which Telekinesis threatens to further rupture an already seriously dysfunctional family, is of some sf interest. Take Me With You (2020) is an sf tale set in the very Near Future; its four young protagonists find themselves under the control of a mysterious "box" named Aziel, which takes over their online and "real" lives, data-mining the exploits and travails to which, as young adult protagonists, they are subjected. Three of them must deal with the fact that in the America they inhabit they are discriminated against as either ethnic, or migrant, or both. [JC]

Tara Altebrando

born New York City


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