Ammaniti, Niccolò

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(1966-    ) Italian author, most of whose work has no fantastic content. Anna (2015; trans Jonathan Hunt 2017) is set in a Near Future world devastated by a plague which kills anyone who has reached sexual maturity (ie the age of fourteen), and any child who lives long enough to reach that point during the course of the tale. The young protagonist attempts to survive in the savage society of her peers in Sicily, most of whom go dementedly astray in their search for nostrums that may prevent their coming deaths. Though its grimness evokes much recent Young Adult fiction, Anna is hard to read as attempting to exploit that market. [JC]

Niccolò Ammaniti

born Rome, Italy: 25 September 1966


works (highly selected)

  • Anna (Turin, Italy: Einaudi, 2015) [pb/]
    • Anna (Edinburgh, Scotland: Canongate, 2017) [trans by Jonathan Hunt of the above: hb/]


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