Anderson, Olof W

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(1871-1963) US author of The Treasure Vault of Atlantis [for subtitle see Checklist] (1925); the twentieth-century protagonists – who include the Baron de Cartaphilus (see Wandering Jew) – discover a mysterious mountain at the headwaters of the Amazon, and a portal leading deep within. Their discovery of the body of a man in a state of Suspended Animation, and their arousing of this original inhabitant of sunken Atlantis, is conveyed with a sense of Time Abyss peculiarly absent from almost all Lost Race tales. The remaining Atlanteans, once revived, reveal to their awakeners the superior science of Atlantis, which boasts Antigravity-powered vehicles, advanced Communications systems including television-like long-distance viewers, and Airships. All this information is given to the Baron and his colleagues in order to ensure that Homo sapiens does not misuse its power, and sink like Atlantis. [JC]

Olof W Anderson

born Minnesota: 29 January 1871

died April 1963


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