Antieau, Kim

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(1955-    ) US author who began publishing fiction of genre interest with "Out of the Womb" for Asimov's in July 1983; her work brings together Feminist and Ecological concerns in tales, set generally in the American West, which themselves weave together fantasy and sf procedures (see Equipoise). The effect is heightened, sometimes over-emotional, politically engaged – Counting on Wildflowers: An Entanglement (coll 2005) is an impassioned meditation on the Condition of America conducted through associated essays and fiction – and not infrequently comic. After two comparatively tentative volumes – Blossoms (1991 chap) and Trudging to Eden (coll 1995) – she came to wider notice with The Jigsaw Woman (1996), a fantasy hovering at the edge of baroque sf, and The Gaia Websters (1997), set in a Near Future plagued by a mysterious epidemic. In the end, as usual in her work, any useful answers are held by the Earth herself. [JC]

Kim Antieau

born Louisiana: 1955




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