Ariss, Bruce

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(1911-1994) US author, illustrator, designer, inventor, muralist and theatre director/producer who studied at the University of California, Berkeley, and then at the California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland. He published "Dreadful Secret of Jonas Harper" as early as 1948 in What's Doing? Magazine, long before he published his one sf novel, Full Circle (1963), about a Post-Holocaust conflict between Amerindians and a tiny cadre of white survivors of the War of Poisoned Lightning (see World War Three); the Amerindians make do in the Ruined Earth they have inherited, though the white, having hidden away for the past 250 years in the usual Pocket Universe underground, come close to destroying what is left of the world: but two survive to intermarry. Ariss also did a good deal of scriptwriting, served in tv and films as an art director, designed and built Monterey's famous Wharf Theater (now known as the Bruce Ariss Wharf Theater), and did the illustrations for Reginald Bretnor's Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot (coll 1962) as by Grendel Briarton (see Feghoots). [JC/JGr]

Bruce Wallace Ariss Jr

born White Salmon, Washington: 10 October 1911

died Monterey, California: September 1994



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