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Seaboard Periodicals was founded in 1974 by former Marvel Comics publisher Martin Goodman and his son Charles "Chip" Goodman. Atlas was the name of the imprint used for Seaboard's Comics titles: the company is referred to as Atlas/Seaboard to avoid confusion with the 1950s Atlas Comics, the predecessor of Marvel Comics. The company attempted to publish a line of colour comics in various genres, including the Superheroes Ironjaw, Tiger-Man and The Cougar (created by Steve Mitchell). A line of black-and-white comics-format magazines was also launched, with Devilina perhaps being the most notable. This title featured fantasy-horror tales, usually starring female protagonists and sometimes straying into sf. Early work by Rich Buckler and Howard Chaykin appeared, as well as contributions by such veteran comics creators as Steve Ditko, Alex Toth and Wally Wood. Stan Lee's younger brother Larry Leiber was the overall editor with Jeff Rovin; the latter soon departed.

The Seaboard company was defunct by 1975, with none of its titles lasting more than three or four issues. It is primarily remembered today as a pioneer of creators' rights in the comics industry. [GSt]

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