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Pseudonym of Bermuda-born scholar and author George Tucker (1775-1861), in US from 1795; Chairman of the Faculty of the University of Virginia while Edgar Allan Poe was a student there, and an influence on him. Written as Atterley, A Voyage to the Moon: With Some Account of the Manners and Customs, Science and Philosophy, of the People of Morosofia, and Other Lunarians (1827) describes a Fantastic Voyage in which eccentric lunar societies are visited, including one Utopia. The Spaceship is coated with the first antigravitic metal in literature, a forerunner of H G Wells's Cavorite (see Antigravity). The book is true sf, including much scientific speculation, and is a central precursor of American sf. It was reprinted in 1975 – including a review of 1828 and an introduction by David G Hartwell – as by George Tucker. Another sf work, dealing with Overpopulation, was A Century Hence, or A Romance of 1941 (1977), as by George Tucker, probably written around 1841 and edited from his manuscript by Donald R Noble. [JC/PN]

see also: History of SF; Moon.

George Tucker

born St George's Island, Bermuda: 20 August 1775

died Albemarle County, Virginia: 10 April 1861



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