Axler, James

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A House Name used by the Gold Eagle Books division of Harlequin Enterprises Ltd – Harlequin also published the Laser Books series in the 1970s – for various series, three of them of sf interest, two of these being extremely long: Deathlands (over 120 volumes), a Ruined Earth sequence set 100 years after nuclear war has terminated civilization in 2001 in a Holocaust known afterwards as Skydark, with Survivalist Fiction tropes dominating, plus Teleportation; Outlanders (over fifty volumes), in which a similar Ruined Earth is more exorbitantly subject to Alien technologies as a cadre of warriors attempts to free the devastated planet from Slavery, also featuring male violence and an emphasis on martial arts and weaponry (see Weapons) typical of Survivalist Fiction, though pro-active women also appear; and Earth Blood, a three-part sequence in which a space mission returns to a Post-Holocaust Earth. The Deathlands books, co-created by Laurence James and Jack Adrian, were mostly written by James until his death in 2000; he also wrote the Earth Blood trio, while Outlanders was created and largely written by Mark Ellis. These and other identified authors, including Andy Boot, John Heffers, Rik Hoskin, Victor Milán, Travis Morgan, Alan Philipson, Nick Pollotta, Chuck Rogers, Edo van Belkom and Douglas P Wojtowicz, are credited in the Checklist below. [JC/DRL]

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