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(1935-    ) US teacher and author whose first two sf novels – Stardrifter (1981) and Starspinner (1981) – are enjoyable Space Opera adventures, complete with Starship pilots, Villains, and a "forbidden star system" or two. After a long silence between 1981 and 2007, she continued the Starspinner sequence with Starspinner II – Last Man Standing (2007), adding the further volume Dark Minds (2016) almost a decade later. Further standalone novels have also appeared [see Checklist below], with Star's End (2015) als featuring Time Travel. [JC/DRL]

Dale Aycock

born San Joaquin Valley, California: 1 August 1935





individual titles

  • Stardrifter (New York: Leisure Books, 1981) [pb/]
  • Star's End (Menlo Park, California: Inkling Press, 2015) [ebook: na/]
  • Firewing (Menlo Park, California: Inkling Press, 2019) [pb/]


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