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(1985-    ) US author who began publishing work of some genre interest with "Foundling" in Lumberyard for 2009. His first collection, Hybrid Creatures (coll of linked stories 2015), follows the thematically linked search of four varied characters for meaningful community in a fractured Media Landscape, each of them plagued by the dysfunctional Communication systems of the twenty-first century world. "A Bad Day in Utopia" (2019 Lightspeed), more clearly Near Future, explores similar territory, though with the twist that men have been eliminated; like other stories also assembled in his second collection Why Visit America (coll 2020), it is set in a Parallel World, the array of tales giving a faceted, insect-eye perspective on modern America.

If You Find This (2015), a tale for younger readers, verges occasionally on the fantastic. [JC]

Matthew Baker

born Michigan: 1985



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