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(1963-2018) UK-born teacher, journalist and author, in Canada from childhood, whose first novel, Satan a la Mode: A Devilish Piece of Good News (2006) is an Absurdist fantasy. His first sf novel, Nod (2012), comprises the manuscript of a man immune to a Near Future sleeping disorder – chronic sleep deprivation – that has effectively ended civilization, turning the sleepless into Zombie-like Monsters for whom insanity is followed, after a few weeks, by death. The Sleeper protagonist creates his manuscript in the hope that it will serve as a vade mecum for others, most of them children, who have escaped the plague. The tale, which is set in Vancouver, is concisely (though at times gauchely) told, and is at points intensely conveyed. Barnes described Nod as the opening of a trilogy, with projected sequels to be titled «Pod» and «God». [JC]

Adrian Barnes

born Blackpool, Lancashire: 7 April 1963

died Gibsons, British Columbia: 5 January 2018


  • Satan a la Mode: A Devilish Piece of Good News (Rossland, British Columbia: The Poor Tree Press, 2006) [illus/pb/Charlene Barnes]
  • Nod (Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire: Bluemoose Books, 2012) [hb/Ed Marshall]
    • Nod (London: Titan Books, 2015) [exp of the above: pb/]


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