Barnes, Julian

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(1946-    ) UK author who has published detective novels as by Dan Kavanagh; his most famous single novel is Flaubert's Parrot (1984). He has written three books of sf interest. Staring at the Sun (1986) carries its protagonist from her birth in 1922 into an exiguous future 98 years later, closing at a moment of moving epiphany when, still archaically alive to the real world, she gazes at the unfaded reality of the Sun. A History of the World in 10½ Chapters (coll of linked stories 1989) begins with Noah's Ark and gradually assembles a vision of history itself as a Narrenschiff, or Ship of Fools, or Ark, whose message is nothing without human love. England, England (1998), a Satire on the theme-parking of the nature of being English, slides into the Near Future. [JC]

Julian Patrick Barnes

born Leicester, Leicestershire: 19 January 1946


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