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(?   -    ) US politician, academic, journalist and author of sf interest for The X President (2003), a Satire set in an Alternate History version of 2055, the Jonbar Point being Bill Clinton's 1990s dishonourable conciliation of the tobacco companies, which has led by stages to the current Cigarette Wars with America pitted against Russia and China. In 2055, Bill Clinton (now 109) becomes involved in an attempt to clear his name through the sending of agents by Time Travel back to 1963 and other years, in an attempt to create a world that may, for good or for ill, resemble our own. The portrait of Clinton as charismatic, simultaneously hollow and overflowing, is harsh but ultimately sympathetic.

Baruth, a Democrat, is a Vermont State Senator, and Majority Leader of the Vermont Senate from 2012. [JC]

Philip Edward Baruth



works (highly selected)

  • The X President (New York: Bantam Books, 2003) [pb/Chuck Carlton/Index Stock]


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