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(?   -    ) UK author, folk singer and folk-song tour organizer who began to publish work of genre interest with "The Jewel of Locaria" in Warrior Princesses (anth 1998) edited by Martin H Greenberg and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. Her first novel, Empire of Dust (2014), opens the Psi-Tech Space Opera trilogy whose Telepathically augmented lead characters (see ESP; Psionics) are in dangerous conflict with the megacorporations that control the Stargates or Wormholes vital to galactic commerce; Alien intrusions pose further threats; the pace is lively and relentless. The later Rowankind sequence, opening with Winterwood (2016), is romantic historical Fantasy set in an Alternate History version of the early nineteenth century whose Napoleonic wars and industrial revolution are impacted upon by Magic, Shapeshifters and other Supernatural Creatures.

Bedford has for many years been involved with running the Milford Science Fiction Writers' Conference in the UK, which she first attended in 1998. [DRL]

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