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Joint pseudonym of UK authors John Palmer (1885-1944) – whom see for his solo work – and Hilary Saunders (1898-1951) for numerous works in various genres, mostly detective novels and thrillers; their sf novels are Near Future political thrillers. In The Seven Sleepers (1925) villainous Germans are kept from starting World War Two. In its sequel, The Hidden Kingdom (1927), Outer Mongolia is threatened with enslavement. The One Sane Man (1934) is a Scientific Romance in which a man attempts to enforce world peace by threatening Disaster, in this case via Weather Control. Without Palmer, Saunders also wrote a fantasy, The Devil and X Y Z (1937) with Geoffrey Dennis, writing together as Barum Browne [see Dennis for details]. [JC]

see also: Crime and Punishment.

John Leslie Palmer

born Paddington, London: 4 September 1885

died London: 5 August 1944

Hilary Aidan St George Saunders

born Clifton, Gloucestershire: 14 January 1898

died Nassau, 16 December 1951



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