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(1936-2018) UK translator from the French, German and Danish; perhaps best known for her idiomatic versions of the Asterix Comics mostly written by René Goscinny (1926-1977); the unceasing flow of puns throughout the thirty-five volumes released before her retirement in 2013 are almost always hers. Her translations of the work of W G Sebald (1944-2001), most notably of his penetrating Austerlitz (2001), transparently demonstrate how closely his understanding of the fate of the modern world is consistent with Fantastika as more explicitly uttered. She also produced new translations of Franz Kafka and translated much work for younger children.

Her translations of works cited in this encyclopedia include Hans Magnus Enzensberger's Wo warust du, Robert? (1998) as Where Were You, Robert? (2000; vt Lost in Time 2000), The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr (1999) from Lebens-Ansischten des Kater Murr (1820-1822) by E T A Hoffmann, and Luděk Pešek's Die Erde ist nah (1970) as The Earth Is Near (1973). Anthea Bell was made OBE in 2010. [JC]

Anthea Bell

born Suffolk: 1936

died 18 October 2018

works as translator


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