Bell, Madison Smartt

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(1957-    ) US author, most of whose work has been nonfantastic. His second novel Waiting for the End of the World (1985) is, however, an exercise in intermittently postmodern Fantastika (see Postmodernism and SF); its protagonist, who speaks with the devil, plans to explode a nuclear weapon in New York, but instead of accomplishing this goal achieves a personal Transcendence through spontaneous combustion, successfully willing his body to explode. The protagonist of Behind the Moon (2017) – having undergone a rite of passage deep Underground, where she has communed with supernaturally-evocative cave paintings (see Prehistoric SF) – finds herself entering a kind of Parallel World, where she consummates her life. [JC]

Madison Smartt Bell

born Nashville, Tennessee: 1 August 1957


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