Belot, Adolphe

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(1829-1890) Guadeloupe-born French playwright and author of popular fiction, mostly melodramatic, and probably too "racy" to be publishable in English during his lifetime. He is known in translation only for the Miss Poles sequence comprising La Sultane parisienne (1877) and La Vénus Noire: Voyage Dans l'Afrique Central (1877; trans George D Cox as The Black Venus: A Tale of the Dark Continent 1893), both volumes having been translated earlier by H Mainwaring Dunstan as A Parisian Sultana (omni 1879 3vols). Miss Poles, a very early female Superhero figure (see Feminism; Women in SF), engages in various adventures that make full use of her great speed and other Superpowers; deep in the heart of Africa, she encounters a Lost Race of Amazons. [JC]

Louis Marc Adolphe Belot

born Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe: 6 November 1829

died Côte d'Azur, France: 17 December 1890



Miss Poles


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