Bennet, Robert Ames

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(1870-1954) US author who concentrated on Westerns, and author of four novels of sf interest. In Thyra: A Romance of the Polar Pit (1901), three explorers, after nearly freezing to death, discover a Balloon which conveys them to a clement Lost World, hidden near the North Pole and full of prehistoric beasts, bestial ape-men (see Apes as Human), clairvoyant priestesses and unusually tall socialists whose lives are based on memories of old Iceland; it is a good example of the polar Lost World tales popular at the turn of the century. Into the Primitive (November 1907-April 1908 The Scrap Book; 1908), which was filmed as Into the Primitive (1916) director Thomas N Heffron, and Out of the Primitive (1911) are linked Robinsonades. Which One? (May-October 1912 Ladies Home Journal; 1912) is a fantasy of Reincarnation. The Lost World of The Forest Maiden (February 1913 All-Story as "The Second Man"; 1914) as by Lee Robinet features a flawed Superman who uses his Psi Powers to create a new Eden, the Eve imprisoned there only being saved from a fate worse than death when, while walking on water in search of her, he slips and sinks. The Bowl of Baal (November 1916-February 1917 All Around Magazine; 1975) locates its Mesopotamian Lost World, which is called Baal and where Dinosaurs survive, in an unknown part of Arabia. [JC]

Robert Ames Bennet

born Denver, Colorado: 3 February 1870

died Colorado: 1954



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