Benni, Stefano

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(1947-    ) Italian journalist and author who published several nonfiction books before releasing his first novel, Terra! (1983; trans Annapaoloa Cancogni 1985), set in a Post-Holocaust world racked by Nuclear Winter; the action moves from the Underground city of Paris to a race through space to occupy a new and Edenic planet. Governing the farcical tone is a genuinely Satirical assault on human mores. Benni has been likened to Robert Sheckley. [JC]

Stefano Benni

born Bologna, Italy: 12 August 1947



  • Terra! (Rome, Italy: Feltrinella, 1983) [binding unknown/]
    • Terra! (New York: Pantheon Books, 1985) [trans by Annapaoloa Cancogni of the above: pb/Seth Jaben]


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