Berkley Showcase, The

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Original Anthology series from Berkley Books, consisting of The Berkley Showcase: Vol 1: New Writings in Science Fiction and Fantasy (anth 1980), Vol 2 (anth 1980), Vol 3 (anth 1981), Vol 4 (anth 1981), all edited by Victoria Schochet and John Silbersack, and Vol 5 (anth 1982), edited by Schochet and Melissa Singer. This shortlived but lively series published stories by up-and-comers (Pat Cadigan, Orson Scott Card, John Kessel, Howard Waldrop, Connie Willis), established sf gurus (Thomas M Disch, R A Lafferty), and a few surprises from almost outside the ballpark (Marge Piercy, Eric Van Lustbader). Indeed, some of its content may have been too close to sf's leading edge to be commercial. It was announced in the first issue, unusually, that this "house" anthology did not expect to make money. [PN]

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