Berry, John D

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(1950-    ) American fan author and artist, longtime partner of author Eileen Gunn. Almost all of Berry's writings have appeared in Fanzines, although he published one short story in Jessica Amanda Salmonson's anthology Tales by Moonlight (anth 1983) as well as a number of columns reviewing Fanzines for Amazing Stories from 1969 to 1972. One of the fanzines that he edited, Wing Window, is noteworthy because several issues in the 1980s featured columns written by his longtime friend, William Gibson. His fan art includes some cartoons that appeared on the front page of early issues of Locus and hence qualify as cover art; much later, he was also responsible for the rather uninteresting covers of several sf books, including two nonfiction collections by Brian W Aldiss; Gunn's collection Stable Strategies and Others (coll 2004); and three James Tiptree Jr Award anthologies (anth 2004-2006) edited by Pat Murphy, Karen Joy Fowler, Debbie Notkin and Jeffrey D Smith. He primarily works as an editor, book designer, and a specialist in fonts for the Microsoft Corporation. [GW]

John D Berry

born New York: 8 August 1950



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