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(?   -    ) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Gags, Bits, and Business" as T Jane Berry in Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix (anth 2016) edited by Bernie Mojzes and A C Wise. Her first novel, Space Unicorn Blues (2018), is typical of her shorter work, with mashup sharpening unexpectedly into Equipoise. In this case Earth has been ravaged by Climate Change and other devastations, and Homo sapiens has established an interstellar presence on Space Opera lines: but the Aliens met there are emblems out of Earth's mythology; those known as the Bala, soon conquered by humans, are Shapeshifters. The protagonist, covertly a unicorn (see Supernatural Creatures), engages on a quest through the stars with a set of companions [for Seven Samurai see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below], the travails of this crew being lightened by free gender ascription (see Sex) and an element of good feeling. [JC]

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