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Pseudonym of Italian-born author Giovanni Bertignono (1904-1963), who moved to the US in 1907 and who published frequently from the late 1920s in various Pulp magazines, his first work being Western stories as Jack Bertin; in magazines, he published his sf or fantasy as John Bertin. His only sf novel, Brood of Helios (May-July 1932 Wonder Stories as by John Bertin; 1966), whose book version was released posthumously as by Jack Bertin, is an unremarkable adventure. The Pyramids from Space (1970) and The Interplanetary Adventurers (1970), both signed Jack Bertin and both likewise unremarkable, were in fact written by the executor of his estate, Peter B Germano (whom see). [JC]

Giovanni Bertignono

born Cigliano, Italy: 11 August 1904

died November 1963



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