Beyond Centauri

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US quarterly Print Magazine of science fiction and fantasy, aimed at younger readers, one of a number of similar low-paying magazines published by the now defunct Sam's Dot Publishing, Cedar Rapids, Iowa and edited by Tyree Campbell. It appeared on a regular quarterly schedule for 39 issues from July 2003 to January 2013. It was published in letter-size format and usually ran to 36 pages with large print and illustrations, plus copious poetry, so the total wordage was low and the stories frequently short. Low production values on early issues improved after 2007, with perfect-bound issues, but there was still an amateurish look to the artwork and presentation. Individual stories and poems, however, which were written by a regular stable of contributors, which included Lou Antonelli, Greg Beatty, Terrie Leigh Relf, Stephen D Rogers, Daniel C Smith and Mikal Trimm, were often of high quality, bearing in mind the intended market, and had value in introducing new and young readers to the concepts of science fiction. Stories voted the best by readers each year were incorporated in the annual anthology Wondrous Web Worlds. [MA]


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