Bierbower, Austin

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(circa 1844-1913) US academic and author whose Prehistoric SF tale, From Monkey to Man, or Society in the Tertiary Age: A Story of the Missing Link [for full title see Checklist] (1894), suggests the Ice Age (see Climate Change) as the effective cause of the Missing Link's expulsion from the Garden of Eden , which is located in the heart of what would become the United States; and that proto-men's struggles with snakes were the reason the Serpent has subsequently been symbolized as Evil (see Apes as Human). In the end, a successful branch of the original tribe returns to America. [JC]

see also: Anthropology; Evolution; Origin of Man.

Austin Bierbower

born Shelley's Island, Pennsylvania: circa 1844

died Chicago, Illinois: 12 April 1913



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