Bilderdijk, Willem

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(1756-1831) Dutch poet, dramatist, and author of nonfiction on many subjects. His one work of fiction was the novella Kort verhaal van eene aanmerklijke luchtreis, en nieuwe planeetontdekking (1813 chap anon; trans Paul Vincent as A Short Account of a Remarkable Aerial Voyage and Discovery of a New Planet 1987 chap), in which a Balloonist is cast away on a small satellite orbiting within the Earth's atmosphere. Its flora and fauna are described, and he finds the remains of an earlier castaway before undertaking a perilous homeward journey. The text acknowledges a debt to the satirical tradition of Fantastic Voyages, but is authentic sf, and has good claims to be considered the first such work. [BS]

Willem Bilderdijk

born Amsterdam, Netherlands: 7 September 1756

died Haarlem, Netherlands: 18 December 1831



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