Binns, Jack

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(1884-1959) UK-born ship radio operator, in the US from 1912; famous for staying at his post on 23-24 January 1909 and transmitting the CQD distress call for eighteen hours without stopping as his ship, the Republic, began to sink; in World War One he worked as an instructor in the Canadian Flying Corps, and later (now resident in the US; he was naturalized in April 1923) wrote introductions to the Radio Boys (see Radio Boys) sequence for the Stratemeyer Syndicate from 1922 to 1930. A book-length tale of interest, The Flying Buccaneer: A Novel of Adventure in the Skies (1923), is set in the then Near Future of 1950s – by which time heavier-than-air craft will have triumphed over Zeppelins and other Airships – and involves some sf-like Technology [JC]

Jack Robinson Binns

born Brigg, Lincolnshire: 16 September 1884

died New York: 8 December 1959



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