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(1964-    ) UK-born playwright and author, in Australia from 1970, where he is best-known for the non-fantastic roman à clef, He Died With a Felafel in his Hand (1994); he began to write sf with his Alternate History version of World War Two, the Axis of Time sequence comprising Weapons of Choice (2004), Designated Targets: World War 2.2 (2005; vt Designated Targets: A Novel of the Axis of Time 2005) and Final Impact: World War 2.3 (2006; vt Final Impact: A Novel of the Axis of Time 2007), in which twenty-first-century soldiers with twenty-first-century Weaponry find themselves implicated in the war. The consequences are bloody after the fashion of much Military SF, and, at times, enthralling (see Hitler Wins), though Birmingham's multi-protagonist panorama of multi-continent conflicts, which is reminiscent of Harry Turtledove's work, lacks some of that author's raw energy. The James Kipper sequence, comprising to date Without Warning (2008), After America: Who and What Will Fill the Void (2010) and Angels of Vengeance (2011), more engagedly depicts an America reduced to a tiny enclave in Seattle after a vast mysterious Disaster has eliminated the rest of the country – though by the third volume the action, conveyed in Technothriller style, has become worldwide. [JC]

John Birmingham

born Liverpool, England: 7 August 1964




Axis of Time/World War 2

James Kipper


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