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Pseudonym of Andrew James Fraser Blair (1872-1935), Scottish author, journalist and editor, resident in India for many years; his sf is all set in the Near Future, and focuses on issues of governance. In 1957 (1930) he describes how air power overcomes the Second Indian Mutiny (see Pax Aeronautica). In its sequel, Governor Hardy (1931), he focuses on the ensuing international intrigues, which lead to Future War. A third futuristic novel, The Great Gesture (1931), optimistically depicts the events leading to the founding in 1941 of a United States of Europe. [JE]

Andrew James Fraser Blair

born Dingwall, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland: 30 September 1872

died 28 January 1935


  • 1957 (Edinburgh, Scotland: William Blackwood, 1930) [hb/]
  • Governor Hardy (Edinburgh, Scotland: William Blackwood, 1931) [hb/]
  • The Great Gesture (Edinburgh, Scotland: William Blackwood, 1931) [hb/]


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