Blair, John

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(1961-    ) US author and poet who began publishing sf with A Landscape of Darkness (1990), an sf adventure in which a mercenary on a colony planet must pit himself against an Alien who wears the guise of a Japanese warrior. Though a plot of this sort offers many opportunities for action routines, Blair generally avoids the temptation. His second novel, Bright Angel (1992), similarly concentrates upon the complex psychology of a central figure invested with human responses and a planet-shaking burden; in this case the protagonist must attempt to uncover a possible correlation between his unwilled, sudden awakening in a Dystopian Earth after surviving the onset of a fierce Ice Age on a colony planet and the beginning of similar conditions in the Antarctic. At times, Blair has demonstrated a virtuoso control over complicated plot-lines and their implications; it is unfortunate that he has not continued his active career. [JC]

John M Blair

born St Petersburg, Florida: 1961




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