Blanchard, Charles Elton

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(1868-1945) US doctor and author whose The Nut Cracker and Other Human Ape Fables (coll 1911) contains at least one Apes as Human tale, and one involving a Lost Race; A New Day Dawns: A Brief History of the Altruistic Era (1930-2162 A. D.), A. E. 200 (1932) is a Utopia in which the humane suasion of science increasingly benefits humanity. Blanchard's Epitome of Ambulant Proctology (1925) was a work of exemplary clarity. A medical chair was founded in his honour at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. [JC]

Charles Elton Blanchard

born Astabula, Ohio: 28 August 1868

died Youngstown, Ohio: 16 January 1945



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