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(?   -    ) UK academic and author whose first work of fiction, The Lost Art of Sinking (2015), which is nonfantastic, dramatizes her interest as a critical analysis of literary swooning. In her first novel, Sealed (2017), a Near Future acceleration of Climate Change in Australia is further intensified through the effects of a deadly Pandemic known as Cutis, which asphyxiates its victims by sealing their skin shut; the protagonist, who is pregnant, is particularly vulnerable both to the contagion (see Horror in SF) and the increasingly Dystopian world created by the Australian government. Booth's second novel, Exit Management (2019), hovers at the edge of the Near Future in its depiction of a London stalled in no-exit solitude, with an unnamed Pandemic about to suffuse the world. [JC]

Naomi Booth

born West Yorkshire



  • Sealed (Liverpool, England: Dead Ink, 2017) [hb/]
  • Exit Management (Liverpool, England: Dead Ink, 2019) [hb/]

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