Borden, Mary

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(1886-1968) US-born poet and author, in the UK from about 1908, beginning her career with two feminist romans à clef (she had had an affair with Wyndham Lewis), The Mistress of Kingdoms (1912) and Collision (1913), as by Bridget Maclagan. After funding and running a field hospital in France during World War One, which affected her deeply, she published some highly regarded war poems. Her sf Fabulation, Jehovah's Day (1928), conflates the mythic figure of Eryops, the Mud Puppy, who embodies the force of Evolution over aeons, and a Near Future catastrophe which destroys London. [JC]

Mary Borden, Lady Spears

born Chicago, Illinois: 15 May 1886

died Warfield, Berkshire: 2 December 1968


  • Jehovah's Day (London: William Heinemann, 1928) [hb/Mrs Cosmo Clark]


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