Bouvé, Edward T

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(1841-1920) US soldier, naturalist and author who served in the Union Army (1862-1865), retiring with the rank of Major; in his sf novel, Centuries Apart (1894), an American Civil War flotilla, driven far south, discovers a large Island in the verdant heart of Antarctica inhabited since around 1500 by an English Lost Race, for whom history has stopped short. The island itself is shaped like a squat British Isles, and is dominated by New London. The ruling monarchy, descended from Plantagenets defeated in the War of the Roses, is slowly becoming dysfunctional; descriptions of the social and political world of New England are similar in tone and content to those offered by Mark Twain's mouthpiece in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1889). Romance and dissension soon bring on the inevitable disaster. [JC]

Edward Tracy Bouvé

born Hingham, Massachusetts: 14 August 1841

died Hingham, Massachusetts: 19 November 1920


  • Centuries Apart (Boston, Massachusetts: Little, Brown, 1894) [illus: W St John Harper: hb/]


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