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(1948-    ) US author who signs his more recent work as T C Boyle; very much better known for his non-fantastic work – novels like World's End (1987) or The Road to Wellville (1993) – than for his relatively rare (and recent) sf. A Friend of the Earth (2000) is set in a 2025 Southern California devastated by Climate Change, and follows the late years of an entrepreneur turned Ecology activist, who finds himself safeguarding a small but emblematic Zoo in a precarious Keep. The Terranauts (2016) is set in an experimental late twentieth century biosphere (again see Keep) whose inhabitants attempt to survive self-sufficiently under conditions described with a near-fantastic intensity that seems almost literally predictive. Several stories to be found in After the Plague: Stories (coll 2001) are of sf interest, including the Post-Holocaust title story, which is set after a devastating Pandemic, and other Near Future tales; later examples include "Are We Not Men?" (7 November 2016 The New Yorker), about Genetic Engineering and designer babies. [JC]

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Thomas Coraghessan Boyle

born Peekskill, New York: 2 December 1948


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