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Imprint of the London-based Amalgamated Press, reprinting fiction from The Boys' Friend (> Boys' Papers) in book form. The first series began in 1906, initially with 144-page volumes but for the most part extending to only 120 pages (70-75,000 words). The second series, running from 1925 to 1940, seems to consist wholly of Chapbooks (less than 100pp) using very small print so that a 96-page example might contain some 60,000 words of text. Contributors with entries in this encyclopedia include H J Allingham, Lester Bidston writing as Paul Hotspur, Ladbroke Black, Stacey Blake, Harry Wedgwood Belfield writing as Rupert Drake, Maurice Everard (Cecil H Bullivant), Dagney Hayward and Murray Roberts (> Captain Justice). [SH/DRL]

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