Brooke, Jocelyn

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(1908-1966) UK journalist and author; during active service in World War Two, he worked as a pox wallah (a medical aide who concentrated on venereal diseases); he is most noted for psychological fantasias like The Scapegoat (1948) and The Goose Cathedral (1950). The Image of a Drawn Sword (1950) casts an Equipoisal sf hue over the extremities of psychological horror that follow its protagonist's recruitment into a merciless army at some point – wanly interfused by hints of Timeslip from Roman times – after World War Two. The Crisis in Bulgaria, or Ibsen to the Rescue! (graph 1956), with the author's own collage illustrations, surrealistically combines Victorian fantasy and Parody. [JC]

Bernard Jocelyn Brooke

born Sandgate, Folkestone, Kent: 30 November 1908

died Bishopsbourne, Kent: body discovered at home 29 October 1966: death due to atherosclerosis



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