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(1956-    ) US former military pilot and author of Technothrillers with sufficient sf content to be of some interest in this context, beginning with the Near Future Flight of the Old Dog (1987), in which Yankee seat-of-the-pants derring-do combats an insidious Communist enemy, and which introduces Brown's continuing pilot hero, Patrick McLanahan; in Day of the Cheetah (1989) and Sky Masters (1991), McLanahan becomes temporarily a kind of Cyborg extension of the sophisticated system required to pilot his advanced fighter plane, in which he combats enemies of Democracy. Further McLanahan novels, such as The Tin Man (1998), have little or no sf content, though Plan of Attack (2004) comes close to Near Future political sf in its depiction of a Russian despot who threatens to take the world into a state of total war. Silver Tower (1988) takes place in near space and features a military Space Station; McLanahan does not appear, but characters and hardware from this novel recur in the series episode Strike Force (2007).

The Dreamland sequence with Jim DeFelice, beginning with Dale Brown's Dreamland (2001) repeats the effects of the McLanahan books in rather more cartoonish terms. [JC/DRL]

Dale Francis Brown

born Buffalo, New York: 2 November 1956




Patrick McLanahan (selected)

  • Flight of the Old Dog (New York: Donald I Fine, 1987) [Patrick McLanahan: hb/]
  • Silver Tower (New York: Donald I Fine, 1988) [not itself a McLanahan novel but linked to Strike Force below: hb/Paul Bacon]
  • Day of the Cheetah (New York: Donald I Fine, 1989) [Patrick McLanahan: hb/]
  • Sky Masters (New York: Putnam, 1991) [Patrick McLanahan: hb/Rob Wood]
  • Plan of Attack (New York: Harper Collins, 2004) [Patrick McLanahan: pb/]
  • Strike Force (New York: William Morrow, 2007) [Patrick McLanahan: hb/]



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