Brown, Douglas

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(1907-1976) UK journalist, foreign correspondent and author of sf significance for Loss of Eden: A Cautionary Tale (1940; vt If Hitler Comes: A Cautionary Tale 1941) with Christopher Serpell, a strong Hitler Wins tale, presented as the witness manuscript of a contemporary New Zealander discovered much later in Wellington, New Zealand after a volcano has destroyed that city. The opening deliberately replicates Gustave Doré's famous image of a future New Zealander gazing upon the ruins of London (see Ruins and Futurity). Britain's slow abject submission to Nazi rule is accomplished mostly through the gullibility of appeasers in government, who allow the civil infrastructure to be infiltrated; after an attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler (at Lord's Cricket Ground), concentration camps are established, where Jews are starved to death by accident. The subjection of British society is relentlessly pursued. [JC]

Douglas Frank Lambert Brown

born London: 25 March 1907

died London: 10 June 1976



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