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(1979-    ) Grenada-born author, in the US from adulthood, who began to publish work of genre interest with "Fish Merchant" in Science Fiction Age for March 2000, and who has been moderately prolific as short fiction writer, much of this work being assembled as Tides from the New Worlds (coll 2009) and Nascence: 17 Failed Stories and What They Taught Me (coll 2012). He began publishing novels with the Benevolent Satrapy sequence, comprising Crystal Rain (2006), Ragamuffin (2007) and Sly Mongoose (2009), which is set on the long-abandoned colony planet Nanagada (see Colonization of Other Worlds), whose culture is mythopoeically shaped around half-remembered Caribbean models (memories made more vivid by the presence of Genetically Engineered oldsters who were there from the first), and whose Technology is pure Steampunk. The succeeding volumes, set on varying worlds described in Planetary Romance terms, increasingly focus on Aliens and the threat of a terminal Invasion.

After The Cole Protocol (2008), a Tie to the First Person Shooter Videogame Halo: Combat Evolved, and The Executioness (2011) a harsh tale located in the same world as Paolo Bacigalupi's The Alchemist (2011 chap) (see Shared Worlds), Buckell published a singleton, Arctic Rising (2012), set within the Arctic Circle of a Near Future Earth savaged by Climate Change. Now that the ice caps have melted, oil corporations are attempting to plunder the last oil reserves from the north; the United Nations is undermanned; Ecological activists are scheming to Terraform the planet through an act of intolerable violence. The world rests on the cusp of terminal Disaster. Hurricane Fever (2014) is also set in that world, though with a different cast. A tendency to answer speculative conundrums through violent action may mildly mar Buckell's work to date, but his work seems increasingly focused. [JC]

Tobias S Buckell

born Grenada: 2 January 1979




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