Buffery, Judith

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(1943-    ) UK author known exclusively for her Space-Opera Star Lord Saga: The Sheeg (1979), Saffron (1979), The Iron Clog (dated 1979 but 1980) and Gringol Weed (1980). [JC]

Judith Buffery

born 1943




Star Lord Saga

  • The Sheeg (London: Dennis Dobson, 1979) [Star Lord Saga: hb/]
  • Saffron (London: Dennis Dobson, 1979) [Star Lord Saga: hb/]
  • The Iron Clog (London: Dennis Dobson, 1980) [dated 1979 but published 1980: Star Lord Saga: hb/]
  • Gringol Weed (London: Dennis Dobson, 1980) [Star Lord Saga: hb/]


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