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(1959-    ) Canadian performance artist (under the name Tony Blue) and author in whose first novel of sf interest, Pontypool Changes Everything (1998), a Meme-spread Basilisk destroys victims' ability to make sense through language: then they go mad. It was filmed as Pontypool (2008), and assembled with the more conspicuously surreal The Hellmouths of Bewdley: A Fiction for Boys & Girls (coll of linked stories 1997) and Caesarea (1999) as The Bewdley Mayhem (omni 2014). A play, Pontypool (2016), is based on the novel. The n-Body Problem (2016), a singleton, is a surreal spoof on the Zombie apocalypse subgenre (see Absurdist SF), in which a plethora of immobilized zombies threatens to choke off life on Earth; the zombies are then put in low orbit, which obliterates the light of the sun. But all is well in the end. [JC]

Tony Burgess

born Toronto, Ontario: 1959





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