Burnside, John

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(1955-    ) Scottish poet, journalist and author, active from the mid-1980s. He is of sf interest for Havergey (2017), a Near Future Utopia set on the eponymous Scottish Island in 2056, a few decades after a series of planet-wide Disasters, mostly in the form of plagues, has reduced the world's population by 90%. The visitor to Havergey, who is conducted through its Gaia-influenced ideal society in traditional fashion (the tale is intermittently stiff-kneed, as typical of twenty-first century work by Mainstream Writers of SF), has arrived from 2017 by Time Travel; the Time Machine that conveys him into the future is known as a TARDIS. He remains in Havergey for good. [JC]

John Burnside

born Dunfermline, Scotland: 19 March 1955


works (highly selected)

  • Havergey (Toller Fratrum, Dorset: Little Toller Books, 2017) [in the publisher's Monograph series: hb/Norman Ackroyd]


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